hunting the black mouth cur


The Black Mouth Curs are appreciated by owners and fanciers for their multi abilities. These dogs are avid hunters and will work livestock well also. Breeders say a pup will train himself treeing, protecting and or bunching and penning cattle by six months of age. They are used widely throughout the southern area of the USA. The Ladner Cur has made it's way to many other areas in the USA as well as abroad.

The Black Mouth Cur is a courageous, swift hunter of squirrel, coon, bobcat, boar and bear. He never retreats. He runs to catch the game and catches to kill. Their "bark" On the track, trailing is semi-open or silent, with a chop or yodel acceptable on tree or at bay. Curs rarely trot, while hunting, going from a walk to a ground-covering lope. At the same time the Cur has a graceful trot when at ease.

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                                                     A Ladner Bred Blackmouth Cur Treeing Squirrels                                                       


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