black mouth cur origin of breed

the southern heritage of the black mouth cur

L.H.  Ladner and K9 Companion

The first Black Mouth Curs registered, were Ladner
Black Mouth Curs by the National Kennel Club in April 1964.
Mr L.H. Ladner had such extensive written documentation
of his family's breeding that the NKC recognized the breed.
These curs are used to tree squirrel, raccoon, bobcat,
mountain lion, and bear. They are used for hunting hogs and
wild or undomesticated cattle. They also are distinguished by
being used for search and rescue emergency services.

Dating back over 200 years these dogs have been selectively
bred to produce the desired traits that the cur owners of
today enjoy.

The Black Mouth Cur owners claim "Old Yeller" as their
property, and that is possible, The dog in the book stole
millions of heart. It is certain, whatever the blood line, the
family of the canine hero was a cur.

The origin of the Black Mouth Cur is uncertain. Some writers
have claimed that the breed originated in the mountains of
Tennessee while others believe the breed originated in
Mississippi. In any event, these dogs were widely used
by early American settlers as their all-around working dogs. As
Americans moved west, the Black Mouth Curs moved with them
serving as a hunting dog and family guardian.



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